Access Procedure

Since the MOGON clusters are Linux-based systems, remote access is granted via Secure Shell (SSH) and confirmed through a second-factor authentication.

Once your account is affiliated with an HPC project, you will receive a confirmation from us per e-mail, entailing further instructions on how to access MOGON. They sum up to the following:

  1. Generate an SSH key pair and upload the public key to the JGU account website to facilitate an encrypted connection to MOGON.
  2. Prepare your smartphone for two-factor authentication (2FA) before contacting us to finish the time-based one-time password (TOTP) configuration.

These two steps are fully independent from each other. While the second step requires a personal identification via video call, you can complete the first step all by yourself and repeat it as many times as you need, e.g. to generate key pairs not only for your workstation but laptop as well.

We recommend that you complete the first of the two steps before contacting us. This way, we can confirm that everything works as intended at the end of the call.

Procedure Outline
  1. Ask your PI to add your JGU account to an HPC project.
  2. Generate your SSH-Keys using Windows or Linux/macOS.
  3. Add your public SSH key to your JGU Account as demonstrated here.
  4. Prepare your Smartphone for 2FA by installing the freeOTP or PrivacyIDEA app.
  5. Send an e-mail to the HPC-Group from your JGU Account.
  6. Complete the PrivacyIdea configuration with an HPC-Admin.
  7. Log in to MOGON via SSH using our Jump Host.


Your JGU Account must be assigned to an HPC project, before you can complete the MOGON onboarding procedure. You can check the affiliation with an HPC project on the JGU account website in the Access rights section.

Your project leader or technical contact can add your account to an HPC project. If your work group does not have access to MOGON yet, they need to apply for access as described here.

Step 1: Setting up SSH

To access our service nodes, please follow the set of instructions for your operating system:

The latter link contains information for accessing MOGON with PuTTY, MobaXterm and PowerShell.

More on SSH: An extensive account on SSH keys and how to generate them can be found here. Our guideline should suffice to get you started, though.

Step 2: Setting up 2FA

Before contacting us, prepare the 2FA configuration as detailed here. Basically, you need to:

  • Install one of the supported apps mentioned on your smartphone
  • Generate a token for privacyIDEA as demonstrated