Mobile Authenticator

Setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) on your mobile phone

The authentication process on MOGON ensures best possible protections against malicious intent. Here you can find step by step instructions for setting up your mobile for 2FA.

Prepare your Smartphone for 2FA

The two-factor authentication to verify personal usage of your MOGON account, requires you to download and install an authenticator app on your smartphone. Please pick one of the two recommended apps below, which are checked for compatibility with our system. Other apps may not function properly and we can not provide support if you face trouble with a different app.

If you nevertheless decide to use another app, make sure it supports sha-256.

privacyIDEA @MOGON

A VPN is necessary to access If you have not yet set up VPN on your PC, please follow these instruction from the ZDV.

  1. Have your smartphone with freeOTP or PrivacyIDEA app installed ready.
  2. Browse to PrivacyIdea and get ready for the login. Browser extensions, such as uBlock, uMatrix and NoScript, probably will prevent the website from functioning properly.
  3. This website is only accessible within the campus network. You can reach it from outside via VPN or with a remote desktop session.
  4. For the login you need your username and the one-time registration key. The one-time registration key serves as a password for the login to PrivacyIdea and is sent to you by e-mail after your account has been added to an HPC project.

Login PIN disabled
Your TOTP will be deactivated as a brute force prevention measure after it has been entered incorrectly ten times in a row.

Contact the HPC Group

  • Once you have set up your SSH-Keys and freeOTP or privacyIDEA on your smartphone, please contact us via the ticket system using your ZDV account.
  • We will send you an appointment for the video call and the link to our BigBlueButton session.
  • The call should take no longer than 15 minutes, if your SSH-Keys are properly set up. Please have your ID or passport ready for verification.

Migrating PrivacyIdea to a new Smartphone

The requirements for this are that your old smartphone is still functional and you are able to log in to MOGON with it as well as your new smartphone is already set up and functional.

iPhone backup: If you are using an iPhone, you can restore your TOTPs by restoring your new smartphone from an Encrypted local backup on your Computer.

  1. Start by browsing to the website (You need an active VPN).