How to select Partitions and work with batch queues

General Notes

On MOGON we differentiate between public partitions (those readily visible with sinfo) and non-public ones. The latter have restricted access and will not be described here. They are set to be hidden.

Detailed information on partitions can be retrieved with

scontrol show partition <partition_name>

Quality of service (QoS) values can be viewed with

sacctmgr show qos <qos_of_that_partition_name>

Information regarding jobs running or pending within a partition can be obtained by

squeue -p <partition_name>

while an status overview is given by

sinfo -p <partition_name>

Submitting to Partitions

In SLURM a partition can be selected in your jobscript by

#SBATCH -p <partitionname>

or interactively: $ sbatch -p <partitionname> ... <jobscript>

Several partitions can be selected with

#SBATCH -p <partition1>,<partition2>

This can be useful for users with private hardware, to allow a job to be scheduled onto general purpose hardware, when the group-owned hardware is occupied.


  • Only ~5% of nodes are available for small jobs (n<<40).
  • Each account has a GrpTRESRunLimit.

Check using sacctmgr -s list account <your_account> format=account,GRpTRESRunMin, you can use sacctmgr -n -s list user $USER formatAccount%20 | grep -v none to get your accounts. The default is cpu=22982400, which is the equivalent of using 700 nodes for 12 hours in total:

parallelz-nodes x-nodes5 days64GB, 96GB, 128GB, 192GB, 256GBIntel Omnipathjobs using n*40 or jobs using n*64
smpz-nodes x-nodes5 days64GB, 96GB, 128GB, 192GB, 256GBIntel Omnipathjobs using n«40 or n«64, Max running jobs per user: 3.000
bigmemz-nodes x-nodes5 days384GB, 512GB, 1TB, 1.5TBIntel Omnipath256GB or more memory
develz-nodes x-nodes4 hours64GB, 96GB, 128GBIntel OmnipathMax 2 Jobs per User, Max 320 CPUs in total

Partitions for Applications using Accelerators

deeplearningdgx-nodes12 hoursInfiniband8 Tesla V100-SXM2 per nodefor access get in touch with us
m2_gpus-nodes5 daysInfiniband6 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti per node-

Memory limits

For the parallel partition:

Memory [MiB]No. of Nodes (if all nodes are functional)Type

For the bigmem partition:

Memory [MiB]No. of Nodes (if all nodes are functional)Type

Private Partitions

himster2_expx0753 - x0794, x2001-x20235 days96GBIntel OmniPath--
himster2_thx2024 - x23205 days96GBIntel OmniPath--

Hidden Partitions

Information on hidden partitions can be viewed by anyone. These partitions are set to be hidden to avoid cluttering the output for every poll - these partitions are “private” to certain projects / groups and of interest to these groups, only.

To visualize all jobs for a user in all partitions supply the -a flag:

$ squeue -u $USER -a

Likewise sinfo can be supplemented with -a to gather informations. All other commands work without this flag as expected.