Quotas & User Home

A quota is space allotment granted to users and projects. Its purpose is to prevent overuse and overload of a file system.

Please Note: All quotas are granted in $TB$, not $TiB$ ($1 TB$ is about $0.9 TiB$). The reported values by shell tools or wrapper scripts are mostly in $TiB$.

The Home Directory

The home directory is optimized for small files, e.g. scripts.

Currently the home directories have the following default setting:

  • One 150.000 files and
  • a quota of $50 GiB$ per user.
Home directories are not intended for jobs producing heavy I/O. Please use the respective project directories and limit the number of small files in general.

Viewing HOME Directory Quota

On the login nodes the home directory quota can be checked with this command:

mmlsquota --block-size auto -u $USER fs1:home | grep -v 'limits'

MOGON II / Lustre

The default project Quota on the MOGON II Lustre file system is $1 TB$.

Projects requiring an extension to this value need to ask the HPC team and provide a plausible argument as well as the desired figure of needed disk space. Depending on the current usage and validity of the request the HPC team may grant additional quotas.

Viewing Project Quota

If logged in to MOGON II, the current project quota (frequently identical to group quota) and the used space can be looked up with a this Lustre command:

lfs quota -g <projectname> /lustre/miifs01/project/<projectname>/