Physical and Chemical Simulation Software

The software for physical and chemical simulations is available on Mogon I and II in the chem and phys categories.

To list the available tools, you can type:

module av chem/ 


module av phys/ 

This wiki does not cover your topic / favorite software? Please let us know.

  1. We can install your software, which frequently is better than to install software yourself1), because:
    • we install software in an optimized fashion
    • if installed as a module, we made the commitment to support the software, if there are issues with the module, the batch system or I/O2)
  2. Writing wrapper scripts for otherwise non-performant applications can take time. We still encourage to approach us and ask us, before being stuck in a project.


With the exception of abandonware, crappy software, scripts which can be installed with pip, cran, etc..
but, of course, not with respect to bugs within the software
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