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On our clusters we support a number of editors. If you think your favorite one is missing, please let us know.

The following list is not exhaustive nor complete.


gedit is a nice and simple to use editor with syntax highlighting for a number of languages. Due to its simplicity it is the favorite tool for some of our courses.

Turning off Gtk Warnings

gedit issues a number of (annoying and meaningless) Gtk warnings. They can be turned off by placing this snippet in ones .bashrc.

suppress-gnome-warnings() {
    # $1 is the name which should appear on history but is otherwise unused.
    if [ -n "$*" ]; then
	# write the real command to history without the prefix
	# syntax adapted from
	history -s "$historyName ${@:2}"
	# catch the command output
	errorMsg=$( $* 2>&1 )
	# check if the command output contains not a (one of two) GTK-Warnings
	if ! $(echo $errorMsg | grep -q 'Gtk-WARNING\|connect to accessibility bus'); then
	    echo $errorMsg
gedit() {
   suppress-gnome-warnings $FUNCNAME $(which $FUNCNAME) $@
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