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 +===== Backup on Mogon I=====
 +All user home directories and project directories are regularly backed up completely, with the exception of directories named ''​scratch'',​ ''​temp''​ or ''​tmp''​. Also directories named ''​work''​ are not backed up for project directories.
 +You should use those scratch directories to store data that is reproducible and/or temporary (e.g. the build directory of some software).
 +==== Restore from backup -- Mogon I ====
 +On Mogon I, you can view the available backup versions of a file (it is important that you use the full filesystem path - e.g. by prepending ''/​gpfs/​fs1''​ to paths in your home directory; sometimes adding ''​-subdir=yes''​ might be helpful):
 +<code bash>
 +[...@login01 ~]$ dsmc q backup -inactive -se=mogonfsbackup /​gpfs/​fs1/​home/​.../​.../​...
 +IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
 +Command Line Backup-Archive Client Interface
 +           ​Size ​       Backup Date                Mgmt Class           A/I File
 +           ​---- ​       ----------- ​               ---------- ​          --- ----
 +         ​3,​769 ​ B  10/05/2013 03:​37:​56 ​            ​DEFAULT ​             A  /​gpfs/​fs1/​home/​.../​.../​...
 +You can then restore files from backup using the command (the last parameter is optional and can be used not to overwrite the file if it sill exists):
 +<code bash>
 +[...@login01 ~]$ dsmc restore -pick -inactive -se=mogonfsbackup /​gpfs/​fs1/​home/​.../​.../​... [/​optional/​path/​where/​to/​restore]
 +You will be presented with a terminal GUI window where you can select a backup version by entering the corresponding number and pressing enter and afterwards pressing ''​o''​ and enter. The file will then be fetched from the backup (which might take a while). When asking to restore all files within a directory be sure to add a wild card asterisk at the end of the selected path: ''/​*''​. ​
 +<WRAP center round info>
 +If you try to restore both an active and inactive version of a file at the same time, only the active version is restored.
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