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-====== GPU Queues ====== 
-The titan-Queues (''​titanshort/​long''​) currently include hosts i0001-i0009,​ while the gpu-Queues (''​gpushort/​long''​) include the hosts g0001-g0009. The titan-hosts carry 4 GeForce GTX TITAN, hence a usage request up to ''​cuda=4''​ can be selected (see below). In contrast the GeForce GTX 480 is installed on the gpu-hosts (for the ''​gpushort/​long''​ queues). Finally, for the tesla-Queues (''​teslashort/​long) 4 Tesla K20m cards are installed. 
-The max. runtime is analogous to the other short/​long-Queues. 
-====== GPU Usage ====== 
-To use a GPU you have to explicitely reserve it as a ressource in the bsub call: 
-<code bash> 
-$ bsub -n 1 -R '​select[cuda=1],​rusage[cuda=1]'​ -q gpulong ./​my_program 
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