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-====== Node-local scheduling ====== 
-There are some use cases, where you would want to simply request a **full cluster node** from the LSF batch system and then run **many** //(e.g. much more than 64)// **smaller** //(e.g. only a fragment of the total job runtime)// tasks on this full node. Then of course you will need some **local scheduling** on this node to ensure proper utilization of all cores. 
-To accomplish this, we suggest you use the [[|GNU Parallel]] program. The program is installed to ''/cluster/bin'', but you can also simply load the [[modules|modulefile]] ''software/gnu_parallel'' so that you can also access its manpage. 
-For more documentation on how to use GNU parallel, please read ''[[|man parallel]]'' and ''[[|man parallel_tutorial]]'', where you'll find a great number of examples and explanations. 
-===== Mogon Usage Examples ===== 
-Soon we will post some Mogon-specific examples here on this page. 
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