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Runtime Normalization

As a measure to fairness schedulers are aware of different CPU-factors for different execution hosts to accommodate for the different execution speeds. As a result wall clock times are different for the different execution hosts.

On MOGON no additional consideration has to be made upon submission to the “standard hosts” (a0001-a0555) from the standard login nodes.

However, LSF requires a run time normalization, if the submission host's CPU factor differs from that of the execution host. For a detailed description the the LSF-Manual Entry. This is particularly important upon using GPU queues.

A simple solution to such problems is: A reference host for each queue is known and can be retrieved with bqueues -l <queuename> | grep “.0 min”. When submitting this hosts can be given as the reference: bsub … -W 120/<reference host>, here 120 minutes (real time) are given for the reference host.

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