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Intel MPI

To compile your code with IntelMPI you need an IntelMPI module.

module load mpi/impi/<version-compiler-version>
mpicc [compilation_parameter] -o <executable> <input_file.c> [input_file2.c ...]

To execute your program you need to have the correct module of IntelMPI (see in Compilation) loaded; the one, which you used to compile your software.

In contrast to other MPI flavors (e.g. OpenMPI) IntelMPI ist not compiled against slurm, hence srun cannot be used to start the desired application, but mpiexec is.

One example would be:

#SBATCH -p nodeshort # on Mogon I
#SBATCH -p parallel  # on Mogon II
#SBATCH -A <your slurm account>
#SBATCH -t <sufficient time>
#SBATCH --mem <sufficient memory, if default / node is not sufficient>
#SBATCH -J <jobname>
#M1 - example
#module load mpi/impi/2017.2.174-iccifort-2017.2.174-GCC-6.3.0
srun -N 2 -n 64  <mpi-application>

Use -n to specifiy the number of MPI ranks / node.

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