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Intel MPI

To compile your code with IntelMPI you need an IntelMPI module.

module load mpi/impi/<version-compiler-version>
mpicc [compilation_parameter] -o <executable> <input_file.c> [input_file2.c ...]

To execute your program you need to have the correct module of IntelMPI (see in Compilation) loaded; the one, which you used to compile your software.

One example would be:

#SBATCH -p nodeshort # on Mogon I
#SBATCH -p parallel  # on Mogon II
#SBATCH -A <your slurm account>
#SBATCH -t <sufficient time>
#SBATCH --mem <sufficient memory, if default / node is not sufficient>
#SBATCH -J <jobname>
#M1 - example
#module load mpi/impi/2017.2.174-iccifort-2017.2.174-GCC-6.3.0
srun -N 2 -n 64  <mpi-application>

Use -n to specifiy the number of MPI ranks / node.

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