Example usage:

$ module load mpi/mpich/3.1.4
$ mpicc program.c -o program
$ bsub ... mpiexec.hydra ./program

Note on mpiexec.hydra: mpirun and mpiexec are present, too. mpirun and mpiexec are soft links pointing to mpiexec.hydra.


We do offer modules for MPICH. However, these do not offer Infiniband support and Mogon I does use Infiniband for high-speed communication.

Therefore, in this order:

  1. If possible use MVAPICH2. It has a very similar interface and implementation.
  2. If possible confine the program to one node.
  3. If it is still required to use MPICH, to span across nodes, supply a so-called hostfile to indicate at least using TCP over ib (assuming a wrapper skript written in bash, which is submitted with bsub-command):
touch hostfile
for host in $LSB_HOSTS; do echo ${host}-ib >> hostfile; done
... mpiexec.hydra -f hostfile ...
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