Platform MPI and Platform MPI Community Edition

Important: To run batch jobs using the Platform MPI, you need to use mpirun -lsf wrapping your program.

You load one of the MPI modules

$ module load mpi/platform_mpi/9.1


$ module load mpi/platform_mpi_ce/9.1.2

and then

$ mpicc program.c -o program
$ bsub ... mpirun -lsf ./program

On big runs some tuning options for the mpirun might be necessary (as with all MPIs). E.g. for NAMD2 we used:

mpirun -lsf -srq -IBV -aff=automatic -e MPI_RDMA_MSGSIZE=16384,16384,4194304 -e MPI_RDMA_NSRQRECV=2048 -e MPI_RDMA_NFRAGMENT=128 -e MPI_PIN_PERCENTAGE=40 namd2 input

The mpif* wrappers from Platform MPI don't always get the correct compilers to use.

It is advised that you use an explicit compiler call like:

mpif77 -mpif77 `which $F77`
mpif90 -mpif90 `which $F90`

at the moment.

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