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-====== Quality Assessment of NGS Data ====== 
-Checking the quality((Quality checks or assessments are different to quality control.)) of experimental data is crucial to data analysis. 
-===== Software Options ===== 
-==== FastQC ==== 
-One of the best-known tools for estimating the sequencing quality (and providing summary statistics and plots) is [[|FastQC]]. 
-We provide this software as [[:setting_up_environment_modules|modules]] under: 
-You can find a wrapper to ease your workflow, [[software:topical:lifescience:qa#the_wrapper_module_on_mogon|below]]. 
-===== The Wrapper Module on Mogon ===== 
-We provide a wrapper module on Mogon in order to aggregate jobs and to integrate the quality check  
-<WRAP center round important 90%> 
-This page is under construction. 
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