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 +====== Development with SeqAn3 ======
 +===== SeqAn3 =====
 +[[https://​​seqan/​seqan3|SeqAn3]] is C++ library for sequence analysis. It is a follow-up project of SeqAn2 and strives to implement efficient algorithms as a header-only library.
 +It provides broad functionality,​ can be used together with OpenMP, even MPI and relatively easy to use((provided you "​speak"​ C++.)).
 +===== Using the Module =====
 +The module for SeqAn3 is located at
 +The older module for SeqAn2((assorted in ''​devel''​ because it is not only a library)) can still be found at:
 +<WRAP center round info 90%>
 +For version 3.0.0 the following aspects apply:
 +  * The API is not stable, yet((Presumably because the new libraries are not yet ships with STL. W.a.W.: Using the library, developing applications will likely need an adaption of include-statements,​ but little more.)).
 +  * Loading the module will load a recent GCC and CMake. ​
 +If using CMake, be sure to include the following statements((In contrast, the [[http://​​seqan/​3-master-user/​setup.html|tutorial]] assumes ''​set(SeqAn3_DIR "​${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/​../​seqan3/​build_system''​.))
 +<code cmake>
 +set(SeqAn3_DIR "​$ENV{EBROOTSEQAN}/​build_system"​)
 +find_package (SeqAn3 REQUIRED)
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