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Software for LifeScience Data Analyis

This page is currently under construction. It will hardly ever display a comprehensive/complete list:

  • We install many new tools upon request and it is hard to keep track documenting them all.
  • Software compiled / installed locally by projects is not supported by the HPC team and cannot be displayed here.

Links which are displayed in red, do not exist, yet. Any contribution or suggestion is welcome.

A note on limitations:

  • Benchmarks displayed on these pages are only benchmarks with respect to speed. The values are valid only for the given parameters and may greatly vary for deviating parameters or input. (You may indicate deviating experiences to us.)
  • We strive to improve the beauty and information content of this page. However, the conducted science is up to you as a user - whether or not a particular program invocation (the arguments supplied) actually make sense for your scientific question is up to you to decide.


Yes, please! Please get in touch with us, if you want to benchmark or contribute wrapper scripts. We created some repositories and would be delighted to add your name to the contributors. Also, contributions to this wiki (reports, suggestions, error notes) are welcome!

  • [software:topical:lifescience:ncap|NCAP]]

Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations are not confined to condensed matter physics, but of interest in the life sciences as well. They are, however, thematically attributed to physics. This page, therefore, merely indicates some links:

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