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-====== R and Bioconductor ====== 
-The HPC group supports Bioconductor by providing it in modules: 
-Please consider the [[development:​scripting_languages:​r|general notes on R]]. 
-===== Installed Libraries ===== 
-The number of installed libraries will vary over time. To see the installed Bioconductor libraries of a particular module, start up R and inquire with: 
-<code R> 
-# list all installed packages 
-pkgs <- installed.packages()[,'​Package'​] 
-## combine and filter for BioC only 
-bioc_pkgs <- tibble(pkgs,​ source) %>% filter(source == "​Bioconductor"​) 
-options(tibble.print_max = Inf) 
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