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 Using MPI-Modules can be special. Please refer to our [[mpi|MPI wiki page]]. Using MPI-Modules can be special. Please refer to our [[mpi|MPI wiki page]].
 +==== Licensed Software / Proprietary Software ====
 +For software which is associated with a restricted software, we have a number of options:
 +  - if the software anticipates a license server, we can setup the software (install + connect to the license server) for or with you.
 +  - if the software may be run by anyone who has signed a license, we can install the software (an [[software:​topical:​physics:​vmd_namd|example would be VMD + NAMD]]) and make it accessible to a particular user or group.
 +  - If your case is special and not yet listed, get in touch with us.
 +<WRAP center round info 90%>
 +In the 2nd case (a software which comes with a license, which prohibits us to "//​just install and everyone can use it//") we require you (individual users of a group, possible several signs on one form) to print and sign printed licenses. Subsequently,​ send it via internal mail ("​Hauspost"​) to "ZDV HPC group"​. We will then set the permissions accordingly.
 +When doing so, please include:
 +  * your name
 +  * your username
 +  * your email address (in case we need to approach you)
 +  * Software (if not already stated on the license agreement)
 +  * Software Version (if not already stated on the license agreement)
 +Multiple users may sign a single license agreement if the agreement in question permits this.
 ===== Topical Software ===== ===== Topical Software =====
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