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On the mogon clusters we install a broad variety of software (libraries and applications) for our users. We seek to install all software in optimized form - as far as possible.

If some application or library or a flavor of it is missing you can ask us with this little form to install it. We apologize, but at some point the need arose to be a somewhat formal. We use EasyBuild as a framework to install software and control the module building process. In our form we ask to indicate an EasyBuild configuration file, if applicable.

You may install software independently, yet in this case our support has to be limited.

If an EasyBuild configuration is missing, but the desired software is of interest to a handful of people, we might write the missing EasyBuild together. Please approach us in this case.

When looking in the list of installed modules you see abbreviations as foss, gompi or similar. These are the EasyBuid Toolchains, matches of specific compilers and basic library versions bundled together.

When compiling or using software, see to it, that matching compilers and libraries have been used or loaded. Otherwise software might just crash for a variety of reasons. Please report, if a desired library is missing for a given toolchain.

All software installed by the HPC team for users is available within so-called Environment Modules: Little scripts, which set the matching environment variables for the desired application or library. More on Modulefiles can be found on our wiki page covering Modules.

Compilers are available when loading a module file associated with a toolchain. To obtain only a compiler, you can load any module in the compiler trunk of our modulefiles:

$ module load compiler/[TAB]

See MPI.

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