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-In the [[http://​​ganglia/?​c=Cluster|monitoring page of the cluster]] the graphs of the each host are no more normalized to the maximum value of the cluster.([[Due to source code changing 1]]) 
-The additional [[http://​​ganglia/?​c=maintenance|overview page of different maintenance facilities]] (like pumps etc.) contains a lot of graphs, but they all can't be shown at the same time, because of ability to choose an only one monitoring parameter(under "​Metric"​ switch) for all graphs, but some units , for example pump and rows, have different parameter like pressure difference and current. 
-On the MOGON Grid overview page you can see the most favorite monitoring graphs. The MOGON Grid and Cluster sections contain the LOAD and MEMORY reports. The maintenance section contains only the important parameter graphs of some maintenance facilities. The IPMI parameter of the cluster nodes are added as a new additional metrics([[Due to source code changing 2]]) 
-The additional URL-LINK parameters for a graph: 
-    * ...&​z=large&​... graph size is 800x600 
-    * ...&​z=XL&​... graph size is 1600x600 
-    * ...&​z=XXL&​... graph size is 3200x600 
-    * ...&​from=<​year><​month><​day><​hour><​min> ​ the graph shows the monitoring data for the given time range in available resolution beginning from the defined time point (for example 201307252359 means 23:59 25 july 2013) ([[Due to source code changing 3]]) 
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