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 ==== Mogon II Login-Nodes ==== ==== Mogon II Login-Nodes ====
-There are four different login-nodes to access ​MogonII ​cluster.+There are four different login-nodes to access ​Mogon II cluster.
   * hostname: ''​miil01''​ - ''​miil04'' ​   * hostname: ''​miil01''​ - ''​miil04'' ​
-Login is possible **with ssh-key only** (RSA authentication)!+ 
 +<WRAP Important center round 80%> 
 +Login to Mogon II is possible **with ssh-key only** (RSA authentication)! ​ 
 +Your home directory is on the same file system on both clusters. In order to access MogonI I, you need to copy your ssh-key once to your home directory on Mogon I (''​~/​.ssh''​). 
 ---- ----
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