Development on MOGON

The JGU HPC group supports all kind of HPC development efforts on its systems. For this we provide a variety of tools and services.


The JGU HPC group encourages to develop on its HPC systems: Only if tested on an HPC system, scalability can be tested1). For this, we provide a number of tools from compilers to debugging tools.

Collaborating with the HPC Group

We are open for two kinds of collaborations with regard to development:

  • Code Review in a systematic fashion as part of supervising a student's work (please approach us, beforehand!).
  • As a genuine collaboration with either a grant proposal in mind or after writing one together.

Getting Compute Resources

Development is / can be cumbersome, particularly, if you would have to wait for test resources. Hence, we introduced the devel partitions on both clusters for short and not-to-big jobs. More information on this partition2) can be found in our partition description.

You can never be save on the parallel efficiency of a given application, as it may differ from system to system.
as it might change
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