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 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​12"​ md="​12"​ lg="​6">​
 +===== Source Code Management =====
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​12"​ md="​12"​ lg="​6">​
 +<panel type="​default"​ title="​Source Code Management"​ subtitle="​on MOGON ..." icon="​fa fa-file-code-o">​
 +is an integral part of collaborative development and essential for reproducible research and for supervising students.
 +<callout type="​default"​ icon="​fa fa-gitlab">​
 +The ZDV((not the HPC Group)) offers a [[https://​|gitlab service]], which allows to keep your work, your student'​s or other'​s work confidential and to publish it at any desired time.
 +<callout type="​default"​ icon="​fa fa-university">​
 +The ZDV offers courses on regular intervals, please see our [[https://​​goto.php?​target=cat_634692|enrollment page]]; please approach us, if additional courses are required.
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