For this article we have used MobaXterm Home Edition v20.2 (Portable edition). Download MobaXterm first if you have not already done so.

Generating an SSH Key Pair

In case you don't have a SSH-Key yet you can follow these guideline.

Add your SSH-Key to MOGON

If you have not yet deployed your SSH-Key on MOGON, please follow these instructions to add your public key to MOGON.
  1. Start the application and click on the Session button to start a new session:
  2. Choose SSH to create a new SSH session. The session you create is automatically saved:
  3. Fill in the fields Remote host and specify your Username. Afterwards go to the Advanced SSH setting tab and provide the path to your SSH-Key which is already present on MOGON:
  4. Now click on the Network settings tab and activate Conenct through SSH gateway (jump host):
  5. Use as the gateway ssh server and enter your username. Add the same SSH-Key as before. The configuration is now complete and you can click on OK. A window will open and you will be asked for the passphrase for your SSH-Key. After you entered the passphrase correctly, the session starts automatically.
  1. Start MobaXterm and click on Settings:
  2. Now go to the SSH tab and deactivate Forward SSH agents. Add your SSH-Key by clicking the plus sign, you will be asked for your Passphrase. If your are finished click on OK:
  3. You'll now be asked for the passphrase every time you start MobaXterm but can use your SSH-Keys in different sessions through the SSH agent without explicitly setting up the key.
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