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 +===== Accessing MOGON from outside using MobaXterm =====
 +For this article we have used ''​MobaXterm Home Edition v20.2 (Portable edition)''​. Download ''​MobaXterm''​ first if you have not already done so.
 +<callout type="​info"​ title="​Generating an SSH Key Pair" icon="​true">​
 +**In case you don't have** a SSH-Key yet you can follow [[start:​mogon_cluster:​access#​how_to_set_up_ssh-keys_for_mogon|these]] guideline. ​
 +<callout type="​tip"​ icon="​true"​ title="​Add your SSH-Key to MOGON">​
 +If you have not yet deployed your SSH-Key on MOGON, please follow [[:​start:​mogon_cluster:​basic_authentication#​add_ssh-key_to_mogon|these]] instructions to add your public key to MOGON.
 +  - Start the application and click on the ''​Session''​ button to start a new session: \\ {{:​start:​mogon_cluster:​mobaxterm_proxyjump_1.png?​850&​direct}}
 +  - Choose ''​SSH''​ to create a new SSH session. The session you create is automatically saved: \\ {{:​start:​mogon_cluster:​mobaxterm_proxyjump_2.png?​850&​direct}}
 +  - Fill in the fields ''​Remote host''​ and specify your ''​Username''​. Afterwards go to the ''​Advanced SSH setting''​ tab and provide the path to your ''​SSH-Key''​ which is [[start:​mogon_cluster:​basic_authentication#​add_ssh-key_to_mogon|already present on MOGON]]: \\ {{:​start:​mogon_cluster:​mobaxterm_proxyjump_3.png?​800&​direct}}
 +  - Now click on the ''​Network settings''​ tab and activate ''​Conenct through SSH gateway (jump host)'':​ \\ {{:​start:​mogon_cluster:​mobaxterm_proxyjump_4.png?​800&​direct}}
 +  - Use ''​''​ as the gateway ssh server and enter your ''​username''​. Add the same SSH-Key as before. The configuration is now complete and you can click on ''​OK''​. A window will open and you will be asked for the passphrase for your SSH-Key. After you entered the passphrase correctly, the session starts automatically.
 +==== Using MobaXterm SSH agent ====
 +  - Start ''​MobaXterm''​ and click on ''​Settings'':​ \\ {{:​start:​mogon_cluster:​mobaxterm_settings_1.png?​800&​direct}}
 +  - Now go to the ''​SSH''​ tab and **deactivate** ''​Forward SSH agents''​. Add your SSH-Key by clicking the plus sign, you will be asked for your Passphrase. If your are finished click on ''​OK'':​ \\ {{:​start:​mogon_cluster:​mobaxterm_settings_2.png?​800&​direct}}
 +  - You'll now be asked for the passphrase every time you start MobaXterm but can use your SSH-Keys in different sessions through the SSH agent without explicitly setting up the key.
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