Compute Nodes

This is an (incomplete) list of the hardware specs for the compute nodes which are currently used in the MOGON cluster.

This page describes the technical values for most nodes. These, particular with regard to the available memory, are not to be confused with the available RAM (as we need some memory for otherwise neglegible services such as the operating system, the parallel file system, the scheduler, …). Information on the partitions and available ressources can be found here.

These are the generally available nodes of MOGON II:

Nodes CPU Physical Cores per Node (Threads per Core) 1) RAM Interconnect Accelators Hard Disks Access
z0001 - z0820 Intel 2630v4
2*10= 20 (2) 64GB (584x)
128GB (168x)
256GB (40x)
512GB (20x)
1TB (2x)
Intel OmniPath SSD 200GB 64GB-, 128GB-nodes
SSD 400GB 256GB, 512GB, 1TB-nodes
x0001 - x0728, x0901 - x0902 Intel Gold 6130
2*16= 32 (2) 96GB (576x)
192GB (120x)
384GB (32x)
1.5TB (2x)
Intel OmniPath SSD 480GB MOGON II
kn0001-0008 Intel Xeon Phi 7210F 1*64=64 (4) 192GB + 16GB (HBM) Intel OmniPath - 400GB MOGON II
s0001 - s0030 Intel Xeon E5-2650v4 2*12= 24 (2)128GB Infiniband FDR 6*Nvidia GTX 1080ti 960GB MOGON II
dgx01 Intel Xeon E5-2698v4 2*20= 40 (2)512 GB Infiniband FDR 8*Nvidia Tesla V100-SXM2 16GB 7TB MOGON II
dgx02 Intel Xeon CPU E5-2698v4 2*20= 40 (2) 512GB Infiniband FDR 8*Nvidia Tesla V100-SXM2 32GB 7TB MOGON II
s0001 - s0030 Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4 12*2 = 24 128GB Infiniband 6x GeFroce GTX 1080 Ti
For access to the DGX-nodes you have to contact as at
The z nodes contain the so-called broadwell architecture, the x nodes the skylake architecture. Both can be selected upon job submission with the -C/–constraint flag to sbatch. See our submit page for further info.

HIMSTER II-Subcluster:

Nodes CPU Cores RAM Interconnect Accelators Comment
x2001 - x2320 Intel Gold 6130 2*32= 64 96GB (320x) Intel OmniPath SSD 480GB

Bacca group Subcluster:

Nodes CPU Cores RAM Interconnect Accelators Comment
z0823 - z0838 Intel Xeon e5 2630v4 2*10= 20 256GB Intel OmniPath SSD 200GB
Nodes CPU Cores RAM Interconnect Accelators Comment
c0001 - c0016 Intel Xeon E5-2670 8*2 = 16 64GB Infiniband
d0001 - d0032 Intel Xeon 5650 6*2 = 12 48GB d0015, d0020 and d0022 defective, out of warranty
e0001 - e0052 Intel Xeon 5530 4*2 = 8 20GB e0013, e0024, e0034, e0036, e0044, e0051 and e0052 defective, out of warranty
e0101 - e0132 Intel Xeon 5345 4*1 = 4 16GB Both HP Blade Centers defective, out of warranty
k0007 - k0022 Intel Xeon 5420 4*1 = 4 8GB (x14)
16GB (x2)
Infiniband defective, out of warranty
k0023 - k0066 Intel Xeon 5530 4*2 = 8 12GB k0035, k0049 and k0056 defective, out of warranty
k0067 - k0079 AMD Opteron 6238 4*12= 48 64GB (x12)
256GB (x1)
Infiniband k0077 defective, out of warranty
m0001 - m0028 Intel Xeon 5560 4*2 = 8 48GB (x13)
40GB (x1)
36GB (x9)
24GB (4x)
20GB (x1)
Infiniband m0015 - m0028 = one IBM Blade Center out of warranty
m0029 - m0032 Intel Xeon 5560 4*2 = 8 128GB Infiniband m0031 and m0032 defective, out of warranty
t0001 - t0004 Intel Xeon E5-2670 8*2 = 16 32GB
t0005 - t0028 Intel Xeon E5530 4*2 = 8 12GB t0010 defective, out of warranty
t0029 - t0036 Intel Xeon E5-2697v2 12*2 = 24 32GB

Out of Service

Under the following link you will find clusters that have been taken out of service for various reasons:

Out of Service Clusters

Sockets per Node * physical cores * threads per physical core = logical cores per Node. The value in parentheses denotes the threads per physical core.
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