Accounts and Accounting

We need to distinguish two cases:

  1. Either your work group already has an HPC project account on MOGON II or
  2. your work group needs to apply for its access on our clusters.

Ad 1 - Please contact your local MOGON contact (deemed “technical responsible contact” for a project group). We are unable to mangage the continual coming and going of project members (hundreds of course members, bachelor/master projects, graduate students, postdocs, guests, etc. need to establish their accounts every year). If in doubt who to contact, you may ask us. And if your project contact does not recall how to do that, point them to this site.

Account creation does take some time. Usually, after 1 hour the necessary auto-setup should be completed.

Ad 2 - All principal investigators within Rhineland-Palatinate are eligible to apply for a HPC project using this form (in German) or this form (in English). Please do not hesitate to contact us beforehand or if in doubt.

Unix user and group management on MOGON are separate from the other JGU account management. We synchronize most changes in user accounts to MOGON automatically. However, some actions need to be performed manually.

When your JGU account is determined to be no longer valid for using MOGON1), it will first become disabled on MOGON2)3) (you can no longer login, but your user and home directory still exist). If your account is re-enabled within 90 days, all your files will still be there. If an account has been disabled for 90 days, the user and home directory will be deleted4). Your files in the group's project directory will become owned by the first technical administrator of your group.

In order to facilitate subsequent accounting with slurm we enforce that accounts are given at the time of submitting a job. All accounting data are gathered. For the purpose of writing project reports and determining of accumulated CPU times accounts and their associated projects job statistics are gathered.

Note that the account slurm is aware of is an arbitrary project name, which is not the username5).

So, which accounts are applicable for you? This is as simple as

$ sacctmgr -s list user $USER format=account%20

Note, that all users have a none account. This is part of the mechanism which enforces accounts to be during job submits. The %20 expands the column width to 20 characters, use a number to your convenience, if that does not suffice.

e.g. it gets disabled or it gets removed from all groups that are enabled on MOGON
/bin/false as shell
3) , 4)
Email notification to both you and your group's technical administrator will reach you well in advance.
Albeit frequently identical to group names.
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