These are no real “policies”, but we strongly advise to consider the following aspects when intending to teach whilst using MOGON II.

Conducting courses on MOGON

  1. Please contact the HPC-team in advance if you want to conduct a course using MOGON clusters! If you already have experience on your course and you know everything will be working, contact us at least one week in advance. If this is a new course we strongly encourage you to contact us at least one month in advance. We can help you to set up particular course partitions, such that there is no delay in the course workflow. It is also possible to create a new SLURM association dedicated and limited to a particular course and thereby avoiding a later (involuntary) abuse of your groups association(s) by students.
  2. We or you can create so-called reservations to avoid lag times caused by a flooded machine.
  3. Please test your course workflows in advance. You can ask us to install particular applications (although it is not advisable to run applications your work does not use, anyhow) or to comment on your scripts. Please note: Workflows of single users may seem to work flawlessly. When run concurrently by many users within a course, it may crash cluster components, e.g. a file system. In this case your accounts may be (temporarily) revoked, which would disrupt any course severely.
  4. The HPC team is always interested in the contents of such a course, as we can estimate the background of students leaving a course.

Bachelor and Master thesis on MOGON

Sometimes students are asked to work on MOGON, whilst the advisor does hardly know how to work on a HPC system. In this case we strongly encourage to contact us in advance and discuss the layout of the thesis. If in doubt, we can co-supervise a thesis.

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