Development in Bioinformatics

SeqAn3 is C++ library for sequence analysis. It is a follow-up project of SeqAn2 and strives to implement efficient algorithms as a header-only library.

It provides broad functionality, can be used together with OpenMP, even MPI and relatively easy to use.

The module for SeqAn3 is located at


From version 3.0.0 on wards the following aspects apply

  • The SeqAn3 API does rely heavily on C++-17 and newer.
  • Loading the module will not a recent GCC and CMake. To compile with SeqAn3, a most recent GCC should be picked.

When using CMake, be sure to include the following statements. In contrast, the tutorial assumes set(SeqAn3_DIR “${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/../seqan3/build_system.

set(SeqAn3_DIR "$ENV{EBROOTSEQAN}/build_system")
find_package (SeqAn3 REQUIRED)
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