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Of course you can start your jobs manually if you want to. If not, you can use the following scripts according to your desired mpi version. Copy it, modify it, start it.

To use more cores, only change the value for n. Additional params can be added at the end of the bsub line. Don't change the “-R” param and much more important like mentioned before: Don't use more than one core on the login nodes.

Please remember, that client and server version should not mismatch!

Script for mvapich

# mvapich
module add gcc/4.7.0 mpi/mvapich2/1.9/gcc_4.7.0 software/paraview/mvapich2/4.1.0_offscreen
bsub -q visualize -n $m -a mvapich2 -R "1*{type==LOGIN1 span[ptile=1]} + $n*{type!=LOGIN1}" -Is mpirun  pvserver --use-offscreen-rendering --server-port=$(get_free_pv_port) #add more params here

Script for Platform MPI CE

# platform_mpi_ce
module load gcc/4.8.2 mpi/platform_mpi_ce/9.1.2 software/paraview/platform_mpi_ce/4.2.0_offscreen
bsub -q visualize -n $m -R "1*{type==LOGIN1 span[ptile=1]} + $n*{type!=LOGIN1}" -Is mpirun -lsf pvserver --use-offscreen-rendering --server-port=$(get_free_pv_port) #add more params here

Don't forget to make your script executable with `chmod +x`!
If started you will get following output:

<<Waiting for dispatch ...>>
<<Starting on login02>>
Waiting for client...
Connection URL: cs://login02.mogon:11111
Accepting connection(s): login02.mogon:11111

  1. Start the client on your desired machine (local).
  2. Select “Connect …”
  3. Click on “Add Server”
  4. Enter mogon as hostname, your chosen port and click “Configure”
  5. Leave the settings as it and click on “Save”
  6. Now select the created entry and click on “Connect”
  7. If no error message pops up, you should have connected. To check, open the memory viewer
  8. The result should look like this:
  9. To disconnect, simply select File » Disconnect

It is possible to use paraview outside from the campus network. There are two possibilities to achieve it:

Easy method: Configure VPN

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