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-====== How to get support ====== 
-If you have any questions or need help regarding high performance computing at the ZDV, send an eMail to [[]] (which will create a new ticket in our ticketing system). \\ 
-**Please do not** send eMail to our staff directly - using the ticketing system helps us with appropriate scheduling and load balancing while supporting you and every other user. 
-If you write an eMail, please try to include **as much** information as possible, **including**, but not limited to: 
-  * The //job command line// or the //job script// (''sbatch ...'') 
-  * JobIDs 
-  * The //environment// you started the job in (at least the output of ''module list'', maybe even ''env | sort'') 
-  * If possible, the whole job //output//, or if it is to big, the relevant output from the batch system (at the beginning and the end) and any //error messages// you encounter. 
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