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 ====== Unit Testing ====== ====== Unit Testing ======
 +[[https://​​wiki/​Unit_testing|Unit testing]] is part of the development process by which portions of the source code can be tested upon adherence to quality criteria or whether they fulfill expectations.
 +The following lists is //not comprehensive//,​ we only attempt to give an overview for common languages used on our system. If you think a crucial part is missing: Feel free to contact us.
 +===== C++ =====
 +For C++ we provide a module ''​lib/​Catch2/<​version>'',​ which contains the [[https://​​catchorg/​Catch2/​blob/​master/​docs/​​top|Catch2]] framework headers and more. To use it load the module. To see what is inside, look into the module itself:
 +<code shell>
 ===== Python ===== ===== Python =====
 Unit tests for Python are [[https://​​3/​library/​unittest.html|build-in]]. Unit tests for Python are [[https://​​3/​library/​unittest.html|build-in]].
 +===== R =====
 +For R a package called [[https://​​|"​testthat"​]] exists. This is currently not part of the R-modules, yet can be installed via cran.
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